• In-house veterinary pharmacy
  • Fairmount Animal Hospital's facilities design increase pet care efficiency and reduces stress specially in cats.
  • Digital radiographic equipments on site
  • Ultrasonography capabilities 

(215) 235-PETS(7387)

Latest Communications & updates: We take Omicron very seriously!

*1/16/22: To help minimize possible Omicron transmission, we request that anyone who needs a refills on meds or RX food calls for their pet, calls in advance / leave a message on answering machine prior to coming in. We will call back to let you know when your refill is ready for pick up and to schedule a mutually agreeable appointment for such a pick up. It will also help minimize your waiting time.

11/30/21: No changes since 6/11/21 despite the new Omicron Variant. We will keep you updated if any changes

6/11/21: While we will progressively relax the restrictions during the COVID 19 reopening phase​.  In the event of a relapse of the pandemic or upon request of public health authorities we will be immediately re-implemented our strictest COVID guidelines protocol.

6/21/21: Relaxed COVID protocol:

Note: All our staff is vaccinated against COVID. Starting today, clients are allowed to enter the animal hospital with pets ( call for further instructions if needed). Our 6 feet away from the receptionist desk is still implemented and our vaccinated staff will still wear mask when in contact with all clients. We request that clients give us the same courtesy with the masking protocol even if they are vaccinated against COVID.

Owners that have been fully vaccinated against COVID need to show their COVID vaccination card if they would like to enter/ sit in the hospital reception area.

Owners that are not fully vaccinated against COVID, or cannot show proof of vaccination with CDC card or QR code (CVS), will be requested to stay curbside area / drop off pet.

Owners ( vaccinated or not against COVID) who feel uncomfortable to stay in the reception area can still wait outside or "drop off" their pets for evaluation.

Related to: Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and hospital plan ( please read to help us be in tune): 

We will keep you updated on any changes related to any interruptions about veterinary care on this webpage. 

Always call first!  As per guidance we are limiting staffing to the strict minimum to continue business operation. In some days only the veterinarian will be in only for a few hours. Additional sanitization to our already strict operating procedures will sometimes cause us to close the animal hospital certain afternoons. This affect the hours we are opening. 

During the outbreak we will be working by appointments "one at the time" only. Urgent care appointment will still be seen on a limited basis. Please call first.

We have a specific protocol to insure that clients are protected and that we are protected too.  Other than the hospital staff, only the pets are allowed in the hospital examination rooms at this time.   We are requesting that client wait outside if not vaccinated for COVID 19.  If you are vaccinated you can wait in the waiting room. Once the pet health issue is addressed, the veterinarian will discuss with you what should be done and to answer any questions. This will be done via phone if you are not vaccinated or if required by changes in public health recommendations.

As always, rooms are disinfected between patients with a healthcare grade disinfectant.  The place is small making it easy to clean or sanitize.  We are taking additional steps and follow the guidance related to the outbreak in order to continue to provide a safe and clean environment for all of us (owners, pets and staff)
For prescription food pick up, you can call first and stay in your car in front of the hospital.  Call us, we may be able to hand deliver it to your car. If you are sick let us know before so we can take adequate extra precautions. 

We have a no handshake policy. 

Please, constantly check the open hours on this webpage.  

THANK YOU for working with us to take care of your pets in the safest way.



Regarding DBA Fishtown Animal Hospital, please note that SAVUPET, LLC has conducted business (such as house calls) under the name Fishtown Animal Hospital since 2009 date of which we have been registered as Fishtown Animal Hospital by the Pennsylvania department of corporation. We were the first to create such entity name within Pennsylvania.  Another business in the city is now also using this DBA since 2014 without our authorization.  Always confirm that the name of the company doing business as Fishtown Animal Hospital is SAVUPET,LLC in order to be assured that you are dealing with us.

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​This page has the most updated information regarding our Fairmount neighborhood Animal Hospital

Fairmount Animal Hospital 

  • Experienced vets in multicare and shelter pets medicine
  • Friendlier vet techs and receptionists
  • Happy, not surly, receptionists
  • Competitive pricing! see disclaimer
  • Pay cash and get a discount!

If your pet is fed Purina or Proplan you can get home delivery direct from manufacturer ( product freshly made) through our special access located at:

​Comparative Medicine


Please check often, we try to give ample notice




Thursday 1/27/22 Open 12PM-6PM

​Tuesday 2/1/22 Open 11AMto 1PM

Closed after 1pm until 2/3/22

Wednesday 2/2/22 Closed all day

calls will be returned 2/3/22 in afternoon

Thursday 2/3/22 Open 3-6PM only


No walk-in this week (too busy)

If you feel that your pet is undergoing a life threatening emergency when our veterinary hospital is closed or we are unable to fit your pet in the schedule, we recommend that you contact the University of Pennsylvania's Veterinary Emergency Trauma Center  (Phone: 215-746-8911) 

​​​​Since April 1st 2020 we open at 10AM until 7PM but we are closed between 1PM and 3:30 PM (unless stated otherwise above) We will return messages at 3:30PM when reopening for the afternoon unless it is stated otherwise on this page.

This schedule will last for the duration of covid-19 outbreak

For safety to all of us, no professional grooming will be done during the entire COVID pandemic and until further notice. 

(215) 684-1440

 2nd Line

Computerized Medical records

If your pet is fed Science diet or Hill's you can get home delivery direct from the manufacturer ( product freshly made) through our special access located at:

Sundays, after hours (nights) and holidays emergencies are handled by our colleagues 

of the Univ. of Penn vet school's emergency and trauma center.

(215) 684-1439

 1st Line ( main line)


2315 Fairmount Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19130


Urgent care appointments available during open hours only


Regarding "urgent care appointments":

"Urgent care" is defined as a sickness for which you would like to have your pet seen as soon as possible. Many times we can accommodate our regular clients for urgent care as soon as possible, walk-ins may have a wait.  In the event we are unable to do so you may be referred to the university of Pennsylvania Emergency and Trauma center that is located not too far from us (see below). 

For your information, pet care records and emergency care records are transmitted daily between the University of Pennsylvania and the Fairmount Animal Hospital. There is an excellent communication between veterinarians from both hospitals.  

Regarding "emergency appointments/ urgent care " and other emergency services(*):

Most of the time, a veterinarian is within the boundary of the hospital during the hours that the veterinary hospital is open except Wednesdays (technicians only) Walk-in accepted but may have a wait during veterinarians' appointments hours.

If you feel that your pet is undergoing an emergency, we ask that you call ahead to discuss the problem if possible. We are not a specialized emergency practice, but can provide urgent care treatment . For further information on our urgent care service availability, please first contact us directly.

If you feel that your pet is undergoing a life threatening emergency when our veterinary hospital is closed, we recommend that you contact the University of Pennsylvania's Veterinary Emergency Trauma Center  (Phone: 215-746-8911)  as they are one of the leading life threatening emergency / trauma center & services in this region. They are located at 39th & Spruce Streets in Philadelphia (+/- 15-20 blocks from the Fairmount Animal Hospital ). Do not wait all night long.

* Our veterinarians see exotic animals by appointment only.  Please note that all exotic animals’ emergencies and severe life threatening emergencies will be referred to the university of Pennsylvania.​ 

Clarifications and answers to commonly asked questions:


The fact that SAVUPET, LLC authorizes Linked Web Sites is not an endorsement, authorization, express or implied sponsorship, or affiliation with respect to Linked Web Sites, its owners, sponsors, or providers.  Any questions regarding pet insurances should be directed to the insurance company itself.

Regarding complimentary offers for new pets or new clients: Some restrictions apply. We try to be as specific and descriptive as we can to avoid misunderstanding of "specials". Before you come in call us to see if your pet qualifies and for clarifications on any special discount or rebate fees. New client complimentary offer fee applies to pets that have no major clinical signs of diseases (ie. does not apply to emergency care and critically sick animals). Fees apply for additional services. Limited time is implying an expiration date of 10 days from the last date the offer is posted. This offer depends on appointment availability with us within this 10 days period.

Although we do our utmost to ensure that the content of this website is correct, we cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external links and/or videos. Responsibility for external links and videos lies solely with those who publish them. Although we try to be as detailed as possible in this website, always contact us prior to scheduling an appointment for any services or rebates/ discount that are mentioned through this website as all requirements may not have been listed.  Very affordable! very quality care at cheap affordable cost.  Ask about our discounts / low cost veterinary services. Prices listed or quoted over the phone or advertised are cash only pricing.

* Discounts or rebates applies to new clients with healthy pets. If you are new to this area check for additional rebate offers in your mailbox. Rebate do not apply to life threatening emergencies. Multiple deals or discounts cannot be combined, Only one coupon or hospital discount applies at the time. For discount to apply you need to mention coupon code at time of visit.

Waste is defined as animal and medical waste ( vomiting diarrhea hair loss and medical supplies) your animal produces. A minimal medical waste fee may be added to any bills depending on the quantity of waste we have to handle for your pet during urgent care or regular appointment ( sometimes waste can be quite large). Waste also includes some of medical supplies used for your pets during the appointment. This fee also covers various regulatory agencies fees that animal hospitals have to pay in order to handle you pet.

Special puppy and kitten package assumes your pet is healthy and requires a cash payment to reduce our credit card fee. It does not include other vaccinations or any treatment or other test that you may elect or wish to do. A free estimate can be given at anytime at your request. Applies to new pets only. Call us to make sure that your pet qualifies. Other restrictions may apply. To get the bonus on rechecks, the pet must come back within 1 month of the first visit. For kitten and puppy < 12 weeks packages, a written proof of age is needed specially for puppies and kitten that are 12 weeks old.

Recheck exams $35 deal of sick pets does not apply to a vaccines visit done after a pet has been sick within 1 month

We are generally closed on all major holidays.

Our Hospital Hours.​​

During covid-19 outbreak: 

Monday & Tuesday         

10:00 AM to 1:00PM 

3:30   PM to 7:00PM

​(Closed between 1:00PM and 3:30PM)



5:00 PM to 6:00PM  

Wednesdays are vetnurses/ tech services only   

Thursday & Friday

10:00 AM to 1:00PM 
3:30   PM to 7:00PM

(Closed between 1:00PM and 3:30PM)

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2PM    

Sunday:           Closed 

(phone messages left are picked up the next day)

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