Fairmount Animal Hospital 

Member, American Veterinary--Medical-Association

Member, British Royal College of Vet Surgeons. (*)
​Experienced Practitioners in Canine and Feline Medicine

Experienced Practitioners in Shelter Medicine

Attending Veterinarian with residency training

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Comparative "one health" medicine

(*) Generalist in veterinary medicine & surgery


If you haven't been to a vet in a while, relax. Start with a complete checkup for your pet.


closest to the art museum & with great prices!

Great Prices!

competitive to online stores

Great prices on Vectra, Frontline, Heartgard plus , NexGard, etc... 

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 2315 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Not seen a vet for a while?   Your Steps :

Got a new Kitten?

Ask for the "Premium package for new <12wk kitten"

which includes:

V     Technical reviews of health records

V   Wellness examination and consultation with a vet

V     ***Free Fecal ova parasites test ( worth $35)

​V   ***Free kitten's pediatric pedicure if necessary

V     Rhinotracheatis vaccination

V     Calicivirus vaccination

V     Panleukopenia vaccination 

V   Roundworm and hookworm prophylactic

V     Bonus: Next kitten visits at same reduced rate

                     ( must be within 1 month)

Cost : $57*

​includes cash discount

call for more info

Written poof of age needed


​   Pets First Cross 

  Urgent Care Available


  • Experienced vets in multicare and shelter pets medicine
  • Friendlier vet techs and receptionists
  • Happy, not surly, receptionists
  • Competitive pricing! see disclaimer
  • Pay cash and get a discount!

1st visit special package

Special ​$35 package*

Pet Exam + Vet consult (save $20)

+ Free 1st GI Parasite test (save $35)

Mention Code "newpet$35"

(Current clients get <1month rechecks at the same $35 reduced rate!)

Got a new puppy?

Ask for the "Premium package for new <12wk puppy* "

which includes: 

V     Technical reviews of health records

V   Wellness examination and consultation with a vet

V     ***Free puppy's pediatric pedicure if necessary

V     Distemper vaccination

V     Parvovirus vaccination

V     Adenovirus/ Hepatitis vaccination 

V   Para-influenza vaccination

V     ***Free FECAL ova parasites test ( worth $35)

V     Bonus: Next puppy visits at reduced rate

             ( must be within 1 month)  

Cost : $57*

​Includes cash discount ​​

call for more info

​Written proof of age needed



2013: "PHL17 TOP TEN BEST PHILADELPHIA VETERINARIANS & VETERINARY HOSPITALS" 2011: Selected veterinarian featured in the issue of "Philly Tails Magazine" 2008: "Best of Local Groomers"



1979  - 2022 

 Serving the Tri-State area & art museum area for over 40 years

IN OFFICE appointments


Puppy day-care

(up to 6 months of age)

house call appointments  

(215) 684-1439


It's important to stay on top of shots, overall health, and mental health issues.

POST adoption EXAM

$35 ( includes an important free fecal ova test)

You need a veterinarian 

with knowledge and experience in treating

disease that are associated with poor

shelter condition and overcrowding

We have that experience!

wellness & Vaccination plan

Let's put together an eating and a vaccinations plan that will protect your pet for what is needed.

"A la carte price" vs "package price":

Your choice!*

New pets package prices:

Call for various Package prices. Our packages price includes a wellness examination

"A la carte" prices: (free estimate call us!)

If expense is an issue, an office visit and consultation with a veterinarian will allow you to select specific vaccines you feel are necessary for your pet.

*The veterinarian is available to assist you in your choice:  that is the benefit of a consultation and examination !


 Quality low cost veterinarians and discounts at Fairmount vets !
We are located the closest to the Art Museum area Oval of Philadelphia and easily accessible from spring garden avenue, Narberth, City Line, Northern liberties, Roxborough, Manayunk, Conchohocken, King of Prussia, Francisville, Port Richmond, Northeast, South Philly, Chinatown, East Falls,


* see disclaimer for all prices advertised. Some other fees may apply.

Cannot combine multiple deals or discounts 

Vaccinate Your Pets

With all the diseases out there, it's more important than ever to keep your pets' shots up to date.






  • In-house veterinary pharmacy
  • Fairmount Animal Hospital's facilities design increase pet care efficiency and reduces stress specially in cats.
  • Digital radiographic equipments on site
  • Ultrasonography capabilities 


(215) 684-1439

call during open hours

* see disclaimer for all prices advertised. Some other fees may apply. 

Current clients/ patients deal

Recheck exam & consult  with 1 month of a sick appointment


( save $20 on rechecks)

Vet Multicare MEDICINE 

New Pets Veterinary Medicine
Pediatric Vet Medicine
Vaccinations prevention
​Veterinary Dentistry
Geriatric Vet Medicine
Nutritional Management of Diseases
Preventive Care and Vaccines
General Surgery
Exotics Wellness
Urgent care appointments

Multicare Veterinary Medicine / Prevention of Zoonoses

Camera monitoring of hospitalized pets.                           

Hospitalized pets surveillance

(Unique in vet hospital care!)
24 hours monitoring. Cameras are logistically positioned in order to provide surveillance of our patients during their time in the hospital as outpatient or while hospitalized. We monitor health and behavioral activity as soon as they come through the door.

​​We are located the closest to the Art Museum

We have never seen your pet?

you are looking for the strict minimum?

Ask for the "Just Rabies package for new pets"

which includes:

V   Technical reviews of health records

Wellness examination and consultation with a vet

V     Post shelter fecal ova parasites laboratory  testing

V     Rabies vaccination

V     Certification of rabies vaccination valid 1year

V     A numbered rabies tag for your pet

 Bonus: Next wellness examination at reduced rate

                     (must be within 1 month)

Cost : $59.95*

includes cash discount

call for more info

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