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FRIDAY 2/8/2019

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  • Experienced vets in multicare and shelter pets medicine
  • Friendlier vet techs and receptionists
  • Happy, not surly, receptionists
  • Competitive pricing!

Regarding DBA Fishtown Animal Hospital, please note that SAVUPET, LLC has conducted business (such as house calls) under the name Fishtown Animal Hospital since 2009 date of which we have been registered as Fishtown Animal Hospital by the Pennsylvania department of corporation. We were the first to create such entity name within Pennsylvania.  Another business in the city is now also using this DBA since 2014.  Always confirm that the name of the company doing business as Fishtown Animal Hospital is SAVUPET,LLC in order to be assured that you are dealing with us.



The fact that SAVUPET, LLC authorizes Linked Web Sites is not an endorsement, authorization, express or implied sponsorship, or affiliation with respect to Linked Web Sites, its owners, sponsors, or providers.  Any questions regarding pet insurances should be directed to the insurance company itself.

Regarding complimentary offers for new pets or new clients: Some restrictions apply. We try to be as specific and descriptive as we can to avoid misunderstanding of "specials". Before you come in call us to see if your pet qualifies and for clarifications on any special discount or rebate fees. New client complimentary offer fee applies to pets that have no major clinical signs of diseases (ie. does not apply to emergency care and critically sick animals). Fees apply for additional services. Limited time is implying an expiration date of 15 days from the last date the offer is posted. This offer depends on appointment availability with us within this 15 days period.

Although we do our utmost to ensure that the content of this website is correct, we cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external links and/or videos. Responsibility for external links and videos lies solely with those who publish them. Although we try to be as detailed as possible in this website, always contact us prior to scheduling an appointment for any services or rebates/ discount that are mentioned through this website as all requirements may not have been listed.  Very affordable! quality care at cheap affordable cost.  Ask about our discounts / low cost veterinary services

* Discount or rebate applies to new clients with healthy pets. If you are new to this area check for additional rebate offers in your mailbox. Rebate do not apply to life threatening emergencies



2315 Fairmount Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19130

  • In-house veterinary pharmacy
  • Fairmount Animal Hospital's facilities design increase pet care efficiency and reduces stress specially in cats.
  • Digital radiographic equipments on site
  • ultrasonography capabilities 


Regarding "urgent care appointments":

"Urgent care" is defined as a sickness for which you would like to have your pet seen as soon as possible. Many times we can accommodate our regular clients for urgent care as soon as possible, walk-ins may have a wait.  In the event we are unable to do so you may be referred to the university of Pennsylvania (see below).

For your information, pet care records and emergency care records are transmitted daily between the University of Pennsylvania and the Fairmount Animal Hospital. There is an excellent communication between veterinarians from both hospitals.  

Regarding "emergency appointments/ urgent care " and other emergency services(*):

Most of the time, a veterinarian is within the boundary of the hospital during the hours that the veterinary hospital is open except Wednesdays (technicians only) Walk-in accepted but may have a wait during veterinarians' appointments hours.

If you feel that your pet is undergoing an emergency, we ask that you call ahead to discuss the problem if possible. We are not a specialized emergency practice, but can provide urgent care treatment . For further information on our urgent care service availability, please first contact us directly.

If you feel that your pet is undergoing a life threatening emergency when our veterinary hospital is closed, we recommend that you contact the University of Pennsylvania's Veterinary Emergency Trauma Center  (Phone: 215-746-8911)  as they are one of the leading life threatening emergency / trauma center & services in this region. They are located at 39th & Spruce Streets in Philadelphia (+/- 15-20 blocks from the Fairmount Animal Hospital ). Do not wait all night long.

* Our veterinarians see exotic animals by appointment only.  Please note that all exotic animals’ emergencies and severe life threatening emergencies will be referred to the university of Pennsylvania.​ 

Our Hospital Hours.


Mondays          9:30AM to 7:00PM  

Veterinarian's hours 12:30-7PM   

Tuesdays         9:30 AM to 7:00PM     

Wednesdays    2:00 PM to 5:00PM

Wednesdays are technicians services only   

Thursdays        9:30 AM to 7:00PM     

Fridays             9:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturdays         9:00 AM to 3:30PM    

Sundays  Closed 

(phone messages left are picked up the next day)

​These are hours the hospital is open. 

Sundays, after hours (nights) and holidays emergencies are handled by our colleagues of the Univ. of Penn vet school's emergency and trauma center.

Fairmount Animal Hospital